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    The purpose of BuildHealth is to raise awareness and activity within healthy community. The initiative is designed to enable engagement and accountability. Our definition of health is holistic: it is being physically, mentally, economically, environmentally and socially balanced. Our intent is to empower community on a systemic level, providing improved awareness/access to existing resources and the opportunity for competing efforts to become collaborative.


    The core functions of the BuildHealth organization are facilitation and community alignment. Our method is one of ecosystemic, context design employing communication, creativity and collaboration (the 3Cs). The 3Cs are viewed as essential components to any attempts at innovation and positive change. With a focus on how our experiences are built and encountered, BuildHealth emphasizes iteration and adaptation as it identifies and enables existing resources and opportunities. This approach is taken with the understanding that efforts towards development are effective only when placed within a supportive and sustainable context.


    With such a broad definition of health, the initiative is focused on the Greater Milwaukee area in order to be effective. And instead of choosing a particular sector or demographic to support, BuildHealth engenders complementary efforts to create a diverse ecosystem. Parameters are established along the general lines of healthy community rather than the success or failure of a particular effort. A critical aspect to assessing scope is having the facilitating entities woven into the fabric of the effort.

    Our community has what it needs to become successful in its state of health, and fundamental to finding that state is having space for interaction, creativity and production.