• Healthcare Challenge: Employer-Sponsored Coverage Database

    by  • April 13, 2012 • Blog, Challenge

    The University of Wisconsin – Population Health Institute would like to create a way to track Wisconsin resident’s access to affordable employer-sponsored health insurance. To become eligible for public health care options such as Medicaid and Badgercare, the applicant has to prove that they do not have access to affordable employer-sponsored coverage. Among the data required to assess eligibility to these programs are the following:

    • Employer offering ? Y/N
    • Premium cost, employer and employee share
    • Benefit packages
    • Various coverage offered to different types of employees – full-time and part time
    • status, those covered by different bargaining units, management and unionized staff.
    • Length of coverage/non-coverage of employee

    The State of Wisconsin has previously attempted to create a database with this information. The Employer Verification of Health Insurance system was not well populated and the DHS has not enforced sanctions on employers who did not submit the information.

    How can we collect this information in a systematic way? In addition to simplifying the eligibility determination process for Wisconsin residents, the data can be used by researchers to measure and evaluate movement in health care coverage.