• Automated phone call or text API

    by  • May 7, 2013 • Blog

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    • If someone wants to integrate an automated phone call or text message into the program that they build, they can do that using one of our APIs.
    • The following link defines the API parameters and functions – https://www.gigabark.com/api/
    • Everyone should use the below account information to make API calls.Email Account – hacking@gigabark.com
      Password – h@ck@thon
    • You specify in the API call if it is a phone or text message (ex. use “Start_Broadcast” for both phone or sms).
    • Make sure you use “https://”.
    • This is our throttled account that we use for hackathons.  The speed for this general account is throttled slightly compared to the speed of our normal accounts.