• June 2013: Workshop



    BuildHealth3 continues to explore the potentiality of community-driven research and development. The emphasis is on the methods of collaboration, emergent design and concept harvest. The goal is to develop an actionable response to one of three challenges posed below, and teams can begin work now.


    Literati Path: “A Book Called Health”

    What do we know about the new health exchanges coming to Wisconsin? Or perhaps more importantly, what do we know about health exchanges that we can teach to others? Perhaps even more important than crunching numbers is establishing a baseline vocabulary of what options we have before us? Where do we go to find authentic information? How do we keep ourselves healthy in the first place?

    “A Book Called Health” is 28 hours of pondering the most potent ways to collaborate in the health space. What campaigns and classes can be conjured and to what effect? Join in this 28 hour event to create a proof of concept that will help improve health literacy in Milwaukee and beyond.

    Data Path: “Exploring SynPUF”

    SynPUF is a synthetic health claims data set produced by the federal government for startups and entrepreneurs to explore. What can be learned from the patterns, anomalies and aberration? What can be shared? What can be taught?

    “Exploring SynPUF” is 31 day journey that leads into 28 hours of honing and polishing. Twist, turn and bend the data into digestible forms. Teams are self-forming and can work as much or as little as they want, but the goal is a proof of concept the utilizes healthcare claims data.

    Gamification: “Getting co-ops to co-operate”

    If you take better care of your health, your insurance rates should be cheaper.

    This makes sense, right?

    “Getting co-ops to co-operate” takes this statement and attempts to plug it specifically into the health cooperative space based on the idea that if coordination of health improvement efforts can be fostered in a single coop, those methods may then be applicable to the larger health ecosystem.


    START: 9am – June 1, 2013
    END: 2:30pm – June 2, 2013
    706 South 5th Street, Milwaukee, WI

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    First Prize: $1500.00
    Second Prize: $1000.00
    Third Prize: $500.00
    People’s Choice: $500.00

    The winning project will be recognized at the Flying Car Gala on Friday, June 7th at the Potowatomi Expo Center. For more information about the Flying Car Gala, please visit: www.flyingcarmke.com.

    All projects will be submitted to the National Day of Civic Hacking results and be entered to win the opportunity to present at the White House.


    Ranked from 1 to 5, with 1 being disagree, 2 somewhat uncertain, 3 uncertain, 4 somewhat agree, 5 agree. a strong display of the criteria (higher number score) can be used to calculate the winner, with the narrative comment being a variable or deciding factor.

    1. Pragmatism: This project has no significant barriers to usage or implementation.
    2. Sustainability: This project has a sustainable funding model that will allow it to be sufficiently maintained.
    3. Innovation: This project is unique. It promotes/exemplifies the identity of the people and the city, state or country it serves.
    4. Replicability: This project could be easily replicated by others in a different city, state or country.
    5. Scalability: This project can be scaled to affect a large number of people in our city/state/country.
    6. Community Impact: This project cuts across racial, social, and economic barriers and will produce meaningful impact to all members of our community.
    7. Comments (Feeling): Does this project “feel” right for our city/state/country? Will it will provide benefits and impact residents positively? Please add your comments in narrative form. Also, add any comments that may help clarify your thoughts on the ratings you provided.


    Paulina de Haan

    Paulina works for the Milwaukee Health Department as the Regional Coordinator for the coalition of Mayors Against Illegal Guns; a National non-partisan coalition working to develop strategies for stopping the flow of illegal guns into America’s cities. She works across the State and Midwest region representing Mayor Barrett while building partnerships to reduce gun violence. Prior to the City, she worked for four years at Marquette University Law School as one of the Community Coordinators for Milwaukee Safe Streets, specializing in Restorative Justice and Reentry programming for violent offenders. Paulina was nominated to be part of the Milwaukee’s Finest campaign for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, helping to raise money and awareness. Paulina is a volunteer mediator for the District Attorney’s office and a mediation evaluator for Marquette Law School’s Mediation Program. She also volunteers as a bilingual audio book reader for Audio, Braille, and Literacy Enhancement (ABLE). She is a volunteer member of United Way’s community committee on Income. She has a Master of Arts in Public Service, and Graduate Certificate in Dispute Resolution from Marquette University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Business & Management from Alverno College.

    Jay Mason

    Jay serves as Senior Advisor to My Health Direct, AVIA Health Innovation and Healthfinch. With over 30 years of business start-up experience with healthcare companies he has founded numerous thriving health enterprises including My Health Direct, American WholeHealth Networks and most recently Elli Health, a digital health company focused on reinventing primary care.

    Dr. Tracy Flood

    One day I looked up from looking in a patient’s ear and realized that there was a better way of practicing medicine. Seeing patients one on one is great, but technology has enabled physicians to see thousands of patients all at once and then to communicate with them simultaneously. So I made the “don’t-do-it” leap from Pediatrics to Population Medicine. I am now a bone-fide vigilante for technology and how it can improve the health of our children.


    SATURDAY, JUNE 1, 2013
    • 9am – Doors open
    • 10am – Opening
    • 12pm – LUNCH
    • 5pm – Check-in
    • 6:30pm – DINNER
    SUNDAY, JUNE 1, 2013
    • 8:00am – BREAKFAST
    • 10am – Check-in
    • 12pm – LUNCH
    • 1pm – Presentations (10mins each)
    • 2pm – Winner selection